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Our company Catalogue and Magazine printing quality, the oldest and the newest 2012 model 2007 model and constantly renewed range achieved with machine park. Machinery investment accepted all over the world prefer to Heidelberg printing machines, our company is number 1 in kategorsinde many prints monthly magazines and product catalogs. Experienced and specialized branch of printing, cutting and bindery production staff by taking more attention to every step of your product is available. Our company is engaged in production of parcel delivery system catalogs and magazines. A to Z of all the stages of production of the product is made in our company. Ready to do your work in bringing the finished graphic or when delivered. Besides all these, catalogs and journals by ignoring contract prices for parcel delivery pricing is based handled. Buddha provides a serious discount.


Our company is manufacturing all over the world, in national press shipments Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Kocaeli their cargo fleet of branches, Samsun, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Denizli, Antalya, Kayseri, Adana, Mersin, Hatay and transportation company serving BATMAN with special branches Türmatsana daily goods is shipped. These provinces are realizing that all non-Tükiyeye domestic cargo shipments of goods. Submissions temperature varies according to country overseas shipping companies and ships to ships making.